the state

–of the valley by vastate
Monday, 22 September 2008, 20:02
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hmmm…where shall we begin?

this is a fledgling project by some folks in harrisonburg.  the state will attempt–er, ¡excel! at disseminating news and opinion relating to music, the arts, politics, gossip, food and wine, vice and virtue, religion, and other important and frivolous stuffs.

we’ll try to ramp up our bloggers’ learning curve, so ¡stay tuned!


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You would do well to identify yourself(s), at least by first name, last name or original handle.

The last thing this area needs is more anonymous bloggers — people aimlessly blurting out opinions from the shadows.

Comment by finnegan

¡hello hello!
johan at your service .
we aim to do well, tho i can’t promise not to blurt.

Comment by vastate

Dispatch from the 500 block of Collicello:
10:31 p.m., dishwasher humming in the background, and all’s well.

Vastate – this is my first ever blog post, ever. I may blurt on here sometimes too.

Comment by wanderer82

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