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-of really great tacos. by jhumphrey
Monday, 29 September 2008, 13:10
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the presence of a taco bus in harrisonburg was a big relief. seattle is full of them – they sit alongside roads, randomly change locations to avoid zoning rules, and dish up short menus to lines of folks all day long.

moving back to the valley, i was doubtful that harrisonburg had escaped the fried bean plate o’ muck of most “mexican” food restaurants around town. (come on, you know exactly what i mean…).

however, on my first trip to the hallowed sharp shopper upon returning to town, i passed the lovely, florescent, taco bus placed outside of quick market and deli (and mi mercadito).

silver-dollar soft tacos, excellently charred meat, carrot relish, and fresh-chopped cilantro.  top it off with green or red salsa, and that’s what it’s all about.  those over-sized plates of slop and cheese disappear quickly from the list of “good mexican” food.  you can go next door and grab a limón jarritos for good measure.

and with a super-special, now-open-for-business $1-a-taco deal, ¡que rico!


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Johan – how would you rate the vegetarian-friendliness of the taco truck?

And a side observation: do you think the proprietor appreciates the irony of operating, literally, a “pink taco” truck? Is Hburg really ready for that sort of thing?

Comment by wanderer82

Well, Andrew, this is something we should investigate. Both the vegetarian-friendly issue, and the readiness for the “pink taco” in the Burg. Personally, I believe that Harrisonburg is far overdue for both. Perhaps the area is far more prepared than we might believe?

Comment by vastate

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Hi, I can only recommend you all should try Tacos El Primo that is a nice blue taco truck actually in business for quite a while (2006). That personally is my favorite, the service is great and any thing you ask for if they have they will make. My self go there for a vege burrito and even the tacos too, changing some stuff and adding some like lettuce, tomatoe and cheese. They are pretty good satisfying their customers needs. If you decide to go hope you enjoy as much as I do:)

Comment by Jenny

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