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so deep…. by jgrimsrud
Monday, 29 September 2008, 12:47
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as john steward so deftly pointed out not so long ago (see 2:55), the republican party’s recent discovery of sexism doesn’t smell quite right (here’s another clip on the state of stink!).

of course, conservatives who support women in leadership will see feminism through the lens of culture war: feminist liberal elites attack ‘traditional’ family and culture. sarah palin is a strong woman, a fighter for the righteous american mom/family.

in a different campaign, i think this argument could ring true.

but i have to agree with post-palin republicans (i’m with you dick morris!) that the sexism is pretty deep and twisted. because, for all the fanfare and the maverick, straight-talk hoopla, the mccain campaign has been using sarah palin as their very own beauty queen, controlling her image and persona like a jealous husband. they’ve found some major traction, since the anti-sex right possesses a raving sexual imagination. and a moose-killing, baby popping, book-burning power-wife can get plenty of american motors running…

but, i think sarah palin is a lot less dumb than many folks give her credit for (???–may i eat my words thursday night).

¿so why isn’t she angry about the way her handlers are treating her?

this sexism is so deep, it makes my head spin…
oh, and, ¿why is michael vick in jail?

update:  here is an interesting piece that sums up the vp race.  fareed zakaria says that it isn’t necessarily sexism keeping palin locked away w/in the campaign (it’s “common sense”!!).  maybe, but it was blatant sexism to bring sarah palin into this position in this campaign, and that’s offensive no matter how little i may respect her as a candidate, a politician, a mother, etc.


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