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Thursday, 2 October 2008, 11:51
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our own, andrew, is covering the vice-presidential debates tonight at clementine for one of his many other jobs.  maybe after it’s over, we can convince him to post a few observations on our fair blog.  (what do you say, friend?)

at any rate, we’re interested to see the whole gaffe-prone (i just wanted to use the word “gaffe” so i could feel like a real journalist.  maybe i’ll throw in “maverick” or “one heartbeat away” in the future), cringe-worthy event. a lovely drink or microbrew from our friends at clementine will only help ease the pain.

or, maybe it will all be swell and really pretty boring, both of them having practiced:

this is the slideshow that goes with the above image.

(thanks for the links, slog!)


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I really couldn’t hear much of the debate because I was camped out in the noisy section near the back. There was some really interesting, but totally unprintable, banter going on back there – which I’m sure was more exciting than the candidates’ points. More and more, these are seeming like big, tiresome competitions to prove one side’s pro-change, pro-middle class credibility…
But I did enjoy watching J.B.’s ear-to-ear “get a load of this” grin that he used a couple times.

Comment by wanderer82

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