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Saturday, 4 October 2008, 16:36
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This article made me think about this place, which made me think about this place.

What is the state of local diners, anyhow?

Southern Kitchen, off Rt. 11 in New Market, is a diner close to my heart.  My grandparents eat lunch there every day.  Every day.  And they usually order the special, which, last week was a pretty great reuben.  It’s lovely, with jukeboxes, and peanut soup, and fried chicken, and nice ladies who remember that my grandmother likes her tea sweet and my grandfather would like his unsweet with several packets of splenda on the side (damn diabetes).  Apparently, the cook has worked there since April 10, 1957.

I’m a bit worried, however, about the L&S Diner, which is an important place, as it is the closest location for food from my house.  I was walking by a couple of weeks ago, and was sad to see two signs posted on the darkened doors:  one sign stating that the diner would be closed for awhile due to sickness, and another reporting the failure to pay September’s rent.  I checked again yesterday, and the new sign says that things will be opening up soon and there are no more nasty-grams from landlords on the premise.  It’s still a sad place to be after the pretty nice article in eightyone the other week.  Sigh.  Anyone know the current prognosis?


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Went there around 11 am this morning to get breakfast, and the place was closed. No signs. Just closed.

Comment by finnegan

i haven’t been by today – any updates?

Comment by vastate

I talked to a guy from the parts store across the street this morning. According to him they are closed indefinately. He said that the re-opening sign was a smoke screen so that the newest owners could come clean out their things. Hopefully someone can take it over again and get back to what they are known for, great tasting food that might not be good for you, but makes you happy.

Comment by Don

[…] now, we’re kinda chomping at the bit to rip into downtown 56 after a miserable meal a few weeks back, but we’d love to get a little more love going first, a la our takes on taco busses and southern kitchens. […]

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