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Monday, 6 October 2008, 17:05
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5. Change:

It is an election year and a lot of people have a lot of issues on their minds. Regardless of who is elected it is important to keep those things on your mind all the time and recognize that no politician is going to just swoop in and fix everything. Especially not with the mega corporations really ruling the empire.

So, we need to work from the ground up. All the time. We need to take the power away from the big corporations by refusing to support them, and give power back to communities by supporting local business and eating and shopping locally. We need to fight for social justice and fight for environmental protection and fight for health care reform and fight for tax reform. But we also need to just live.

We need to know our neighbors. When we know each other there is a better chance that we will want to take care of each other. People become so isolated these days. And so stagnant. And so discouraged. And so hung up on what they wish they had and are working for that they forget to see what they DO have. There is the potential for living an extremely rich life when we stop believing the lies that we have to have tons of money and tons of crap to do so. We are just feeding them and filling their pockets. They tell us to save water so they will have enough for their factories. Factories to make plastic wrap to put over some shitty tasteless fruit to ship from overseas to some giant mega market, that pays people shit and gives inadequate health care to employees, so they can buy some crappy mealy plastic wrapped apples and some new efficient light bulbs made in totally inefficient factories. So we can light our homes to watch our teevees, where they can sell us crap about about how we need to buy some nasty toxic petroleum based products that will make us less ugly, fueling our insecurities, and making us strive even harder for this imaginary dream.

But we can disconnect from all that.

And it’s funny because the local seasonal produce at the co-op and the farmers market just  taste so much better than the produce at the supermarket, and I meet the maker, so to speak, and I know who am am supporting and they are a part of my community. I like being able to say “How are the organic peaches this week? Which would you recommend for a cobbler?” and being told “I can give a deal. How about $20 for a  20lb. box of the Suncrests. Those are what all the restaurants in town are using.”  Or if Panda grabs a tomato of the pile and starts eating it they ask her how she is doing and if she would like to try some melon too. And whoo-boy does this kid love melons.

And when I buy a 20lb. Box of peaches I am supporting a good little farm and we end up having to invite friends over every day for a week to eat all the yummy stuff we make.

I love buying asparagus or morels and being given a heads up “There’s only about another week or two left of these so you might wanna stock up”. Yes, hell yes.  I will eat these things til I am green around the gills and then wait til next year for more! What a concept. I am sad that the blueberry season will be over when we get back to town, but I am glad you can get local frozen berries at the co-op in bulk.

Anyway, it’s not just about food. It is about community and supporting and creating the societies we want to live in. And not just waiting around for someone to make like better. We can take care of each other and help make life better.

Another good thing about pulling back from that world is not getting caught up on how how you should look and feel and be. You can just like yourself

Hippie/punk mumbo jumbo? Perhaps but it’s my mumbo jumbo and I love my community and I have known other good communities and I have seen it work. The whole people knowing other and taking care of each other stuff. It’s pretty magical.

this is from my friend kimya’s blog.  her baby and my baby have been friends since in the womb at homebirth childbirth class.  even though we are 3,000 miles apart, eli still looks at photos of panda with deep adoration.  kimya writes some lovely songs and quite often has some great things to say.  {see above – this came from a longer blog post, so she has even more to say than what i originally posted – go read!}


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