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-of luck & local food. by jhumphrey
Monday, 6 October 2008, 10:30
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I feel lucky.  Seriously lucky.  I accidently discovered, in the process of my very long drive across the mountain to work, a gem in the middle of nowhere.  Off of Rt. 250 in Crozet, I discovered the Greenwood Market {i would link to it, but no website exists} –

which is, apparently, unknown in these parts & in much of Charlottesville proper.  This place is so great that my family now plans our week around when we can make a run and stock up on things such as:

polyface farms meat & eggs

trager brothers coffee (for the record, we’re still waffling between trager brothers’ viennese – “dark, oily, & swarthy” according to the package- and lucas roasting company guatemala blend, which can be found at our own downtown wine and gourmet. both of these coffees are great in the moka express and are fair trade & organic.)

-local veg from planet earth diversified

-bread: if you’re lucky you can catch the baker delivering it, still warm, from his unmarked van.  i wish i knew the brand so i could spread the good word…  the brioche makes out-of-this-world french toast.

-locally milled grits from wade’s mill in raphine

-honey, jam, gourmet cheese, a spectacular wine and beer selection (blue mountain brewery in afton is pretty great), cards, flowers, really nice proprietors called David & Nina…it all makes for great excitement on our part.

for those of you who would poo poo the place due to price, we usually spend around $50 on two bags of the above items.  we supplement our groceries with runs to the h’burg farmer’s market, sharp shopper and red front when needed, but shopping a million miles away has it’s perks – none of those expensive “i just have to pick up some ice cream” runs.  but, alas, we do have trouble staying within our food budget sometimes…

the cVillain folks talk about the place a bit in this post, but not enought to pop my bubble at having found somewhat of a spectacular secret. i even made this great, rather random meal all from greenwood market supplies:

grit cakes, kale, fried green tomato, topped with an egg.


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