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-of restaurants (¿reviews?) by vastate
Friday, 10 October 2008, 10:50
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well, seeing as we love to eat, and a good meal out is so much more satisfying than, erm, a bad one, we’ve been thinking about which area restaurants we’d like to review on the state (of eats).

now, we’re kinda chomping at the bit to rip into downtown 56 after a miserable meal a few weeks back, but we’d love to get a little more love going first, a la our takes on taco busses and southern kitchens.

¿so what do you think?  (¿and do you want to write one too?)


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In the early days of hburgnews, we tried restaurant reviews. Some worked, while the negative ones gave us a lot of extra hits and nasty comments.

Comment by finnegan

I’d be interested in group reviews where some of us meet up to eat–try a bunch of different dishes–and write a review together.

Comment by Josh

¡good idea! any other takers?

Comment by jgrimsrud

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