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-of terrorism (¿w/ reverse psychology?) by jgrimsrud
Friday, 10 October 2008, 16:49
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Rany Jazayerli has a guest column up on
not only does he have some insight into our “terra” war (our government’s strategy:

hint: america’s not wearing the flamboyant clothes), but he points out how easily bated folks-voters-could still be.

So when it came to the 2004 election, bin Laden was neither pro-Bush nor pro-Kerry. He was pro-war. And whichever candidate was most likely to sustain, or even escalate, that war was his man. That candidate was clearly George W. Bush, which meant it was time to turn on the cameras and burn a DVD.

so bin laden put out an october ’04 video.  now…

This time around, we have one candidate who advocates a timetable to withdraw our troops from Iraq and divert those resources to Afghanistan in order to root out the people who actually attacked us seven years ago – bin Laden and his band of terrorists. And then we have a candidate who talks about maintaining U.S. forces in Iraq for 100 years if necessary, and sings songs in public about pre-emptively bombing Iran, which would set yet another gear turning in bin Laden’s scheme to bring about global war. Once again it appears that bin Laden would prefer the Republican candidate, and once again it appears that since any appearance by bin Laden is likely to tip voters towards favoring the decorated Vietnam War veteran, bin Laden’s best move is to show up with another October Surprise.

if this happens, please, god, ¡let people not be so stupid!

another hint: the bull rarely wins.

update: thank goodness (for our nerves), they’ve posted a new piece.  maybe a campaign w/ a strong focus on community organization can weather whatever comes up; “an organization the likes of which we haven’t seen in American politics, ever.”


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