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– of weasie’s kitchen by jhumphrey
Sunday, 12 October 2008, 15:17
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weasie’s kitchen in waynesboro took a step on the wild side a while ago and instituted a voluntary smoking ban.  while many restaurants and bars in states where smoking bans are law have blamed these restrictions on their downfall, weasie’s seems to be booming.  many long-time residents of the odd little town (and i can say that, i was born and raised right amongst all that “hospitality in the valley”), have started freqenting the breakfast joint after years of stearing clear.

pardon the camera-phone quality images...

my parents treated us to a little pancakes, eggs, ham and red-eye gravy at weasie’s this weekend.  it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.  pretty much what you would expect and enjoy from a dive dishing out southern breakfast basics in large portions. this through hiker thought the pancakes were “excellent”.  and the place got some good reviews here as well.

i’ll be back, partly for the atmosphere, partly because there isn’t really any other local place to get breakfast (thanks to some really short-sighted, ignorant, city planning that has most of the city residents lapping up crap for breakfast from a sparkling new waffle house, starbucks, or, everyone’s favorite big-box restaurant, cracker barrel – but this is an issue for a future post)  and partly because i like the reaction when i say that i “ate at weasie’s” last weekend.


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