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– of doughnuts. (or lack there of) by jhumphrey
Monday, 13 October 2008, 12:40
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my son, who’s two, points to valley’s gas station every time we drive by the corner of mount clinton pike & virginia ave. and says, “yum! doughnuts!”


that’s just weird. not that gas stations don’t very often carry doughnut-like sugar treats, but i wouldn’t consider mass-produced krispy kremes, delivered in preservative-drenched quantities to a 7-11 near you, the real deal.  i feel distressed that my child should dig these stale stand-ins.

hey somebody!  open up a place like this san francisco sugar-haven here in our lovely city, selling these:

or, even better, a place like this new york joint :

-that serves up donuts (doughnuts?) organic and lovely delicious, (tres leches doughnut seen below):

OR – don’t forget top pot in seattle: (the pink boa doughnut stole my heart long ago)

we all know there are folks around here who can deep fry a fine piece of dough…

(photo from the virginia mennonite relief sale…)

we know we’re capable, harrisonburg, who’s going to take up the challenge?


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You remind me of the grouchy vegans out in Washington state who suck all the joy out of comfort food. Dunkin Donuts are just fine for we normal working people.

Comment by Boss

“Grumpy Boss!” says eli pablo

Comment by vastate

[…] written about this passion before on the state. i’ve griped about how, around here, gas station donuts are as good as it […]

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