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Tuesday, 14 October 2008, 14:47
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well – it seems we have our answer.  the l&s diner is no more.

i talked to the guy changing the locks on the doors this morning.  he didn’t know much – just said that “the guy who owns it called me up and told me to come on out and change the locks.”  this was the sign on the window:

we’ve sent off a letter asking for more details on this puzzling closure – kind of odd that there is no phone number or email address.  seems they really don’t want to explain…

maybe the economy has something to do with it.  this is what the owner, marion crawford, and general manager, harold dickey, had to say in the september cover story about the diner in local weekly, eightyone:

At the L&S and everywhere, the economy is a hot topic. Thanks to the downturn, the diner recently stopped serving dinner and now closes at 2:30 p.m. Rather than pay delivery fees, Crawford washes aprons and towels at home and Dickey drives to Costco and Cisco. “Distributors are charging five- to six-dollar fuel charges even though they only go four blocks,” Dickey says. “Everybody’s been doing it, so I’m changing my buying habits. I go get my chicken from one of the local plants now. I’m doing more running. I patronize local produce stands.” Dickey saves on spuds, thanks to Carl Murphy, potato-shaver extraordinaire. “He’s so fast that if I bought pre-peeled potatoes, it would cost me double,” Dickey explains.

the last few weeks worth of window signs have been bizarre: “closed for sickness”, “will open soon, first week in october”, the failure to pay rent notice, and the final “closed” sign seen today.  what is the story?  i wrote an email to michele christophert, the author of the above quoted feature piece, asking if there are plans for a follow-up.  We’ll see…

meanwhile, i’m just sad to see a local business struggle and fail.  and already missing the plate of potatoes and eggs i won’t be eating next weekend.

HEC and the city cutting off utility services to l&s diner this morning


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What a shame.

Comment by finnegan

Run successfully for 60 years, nicely updated only a couple years ago, then sold to new owners and management, and now closed. I’m sure a number of factors plays in, but I’ve seen this kind of thing before and it turned out in those cases that the new owners sucked at running a restaurant.

Comment by jon trotter

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