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-of thugs-to-the-thizzle by jgrimsrud
Wednesday, 15 October 2008, 13:03
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yes, be very, very afraid, good christians.

voting shouldn’t be too easy, otherwise poor folks wouldn’t get that boot-strap-yanking satisfaction when a few of them manage to actually do it.

but seriously, this seems like the same fear-based logic that blames the sub-prime mortgage crisis on ghetto-fabulous homeowners.

¡i’m afraid too!  of voter suppression.  seems like the only strategy to stop this train a’commin:

folks can listen (that’s you michelle malkin!) to democracy now! 10.15.08, to hear chief organizer of “america’s bad seed” bertha lewis speak for herself.

so, this may be a naive question, but if the 68 year-old, male, mayor of st. petersburg, florida is registered as a 30 year-old female, or if pro athletes are registered in random districts, or if mickey mouse is registered in nevada ¿are they really going to show up (with id in many places) and vote fraudulently?

voter fraud cases have not been proved on any scale (though they were “the bogeyman of new mexico politics,” the insubstantiality of which led to david iglesias’ firing under alberto gonzales), but voter suppression has been the norm, and looks ready to (a-la putin) rear its head in november.


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