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-of giving up by jgrimsrud
Thursday, 16 October 2008, 1:34
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via bbc news:
Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has said it will halt its advertising in Maine and Wisconsin.

our debate party’s question: do these guys really hate each other, or is this pure spectacle, a la pro wrestling, with off camera palling around and “good job on the terrorist dig,” or “why didn’t you just call me old?”

¡era una lucha libre! (photo via
¡era una lucha libre! (photo via

hard to say, but it didn’t look like much fun.


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I found it oddly refreshing when McCain told Obama he did a good job afterward. Maybe he was just being polite, but I thought it was a dignified way to end the debate. Like opposing teams shaking hands after a game and saying, “Good game.” I don’t agree with or even like McCain, but I had to give him props for that. Now if only he hadn’t spent most of the debate pulling faces and rolling his eyes.

Comment by Brooke

[…] contact the state -of giving up.2 Wednesday, 29 October 2008, 20:42 Filed under: -of jgrimsrud, -of politik sarah palin evidently has some big plans, after her ticket loses! (thanks slog) at least before, they didn’t try to make the news w/ it: […]

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