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-of rolling stone by jgrimsrud
Tuesday, 21 October 2008, 17:13
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in the age of corporate rags, this one is still often worth reading.

we’ve mentioned our worries about voter suppression, some of which these guys fueled when they talked about their piece on democracy now.

now you can read the full piece in hair-raising detail on

also, one of our favorite writers (and most loveable lookist & fattist misogynists) matt taibbi, started a blog at rolling stone.  he pointed out that “blogger” is an illegal word (“like belching log-rubber”), which, in our opinion, would lump it with the likes of “panties,” “mucus,” “fleshy,” and “santorum”.

here’s a taste of why we enjoy him so much (via the huffington post):

RUDY GIULIANI, former presidential candidate: “Virtually neckless, all shoulders and forehead and overbite, with a hunched-over, Draculoid posture that recalls, oddly enough, George W. Bush, the vestigial stoop of a once-chubby kid who grew up hiding tittie pictures from nuns.” Also: “The electoral incarnation of Tommy Lee Jones’ acid-bath-surviving Two-Face character.” A “bottomless pit of vengeful little-guy ambition.”

MARK PENN, former chief strategist for the Clinton campaign: “Penn is the Democratic version of Karl Rove. He even looks like Rove, only he’s fatter and more disgusting. Up close in a forum like this, his eyes bulge out of his fat, blood-flushed head; his neck spills out of his too-tight shirt collar; and he generally looks like Jabba the Hutt, his suit bursting at the seams, with only the bowl of snackable live toads suspended at arm’s length missing from the picture.”

MIKE HUCKABEE, former presidential candidate: “Huckabee, who in recent years has lost 100 pounds, has the roundish, half-deflated physique of an ex-fatty. With his button nose and never-waning smile, he looks slightly unreal, like an oversize Muppet.”

TOM DELAY, former House majority leader: “DeLay moves through the aisles like some kind of balding incubus, and as he passes, Republican members instinctively turn their backs on him, not wanting to be caught in the Gorgon’s gaze (or, more to the point, be threatened with the loss of a chairmanship or reelection funding).”


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