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-of my absentee ballot. by vastate
Sunday, 26 October 2008, 19:27
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i got an interesting call this afternoon.  sunday afternoon.

a nice person from the harrisonburg city registrar’s office called to tell me that they were going through ballots and realized that i forgot to fill in “section a” when i went in last thursday and voted absentee in-person.  “section a”, i now know, is the part where you give a reason why you cannot go and vote in person on election day.  with this section left incomplete, my ballot would not be counted.

luckily, i was able to explain over the phone about working 12-hour shifts in C’ville, which apparently was an acceptable excuse, and was then reassured that all would be well and my vote would be counted.

i’m not sure what to think.

am i happy because they were thorough enough to call me up?

am i upset because the person who sat there in the office and watched me fill out my ballot didn’t tell me that i was skipping an entire section?

what to think?

just thought i’d put it out there in case others are experiencing similar situations.  or, if you are unsure if you filled out “section a” and would like to check, maybe you can give the (extremely nice, i might add) people down at the registrar’s office a call at (540) 432-7707.

also- along similar lines – check out hburg news’ coverage of recent questions surrounding the harrisonburg registrar.  i’m just sayin’…


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