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– of crazy. (dnr reader style) by jhumphrey
Sunday, 26 October 2008, 12:00
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harrisonburg, these are the voices of the people you see everyday at the bank, at the grocery store, behind you at the stop sign. they might even be your friends and family.

i did pick and choose some comments from the DNR’s reader response to the breaking news article announcing Obama’s Tuesday rally – but the job of selecting a few to post here was dreadfully easy. comment after comment of crazy wingnut hate.

seriously – as a community we need to demonstrate intolerance to this type of bigotry and race-baiting. differing opinions are one thing. this is a whole new level. scary.

45. RE: Obama To Hold Rally At JMU

All of you followers of The One are a funny bunch. It’s really too bad you will be the ones to decide this election.

October 26, 2008 10:47 AM

Obama will be a disgrace to this country.  He is someone who doesn’t even love to be an American.  Where did this guy come from?  Never heard of him until 18 months ago and now people want him to be president of this GREAT COUNTRY.  He has blown MILLIONS of dollars on his campaign that he won’t even disclose where the money is coming from.  What do you think he will do when he gets into office if he wins.

The guy is crook and been associated with nothing but dirt his entire political career.  Not to say McCain doesn’t have his own baggage (as all polictians do) but at least McCain is a true American, who loves his country.

I guess it can get worse with Obama as president.

TheDude – Can you answer the issue concerning this birth certificate?

October 25, 2008 10:10 PM
Hburg Resident
Harrisonburg, VA
34. RE: Obama To Hold Rally At JMU







Oh boy the circus is coming to town

October 26, 2008 8:45 AM
Dumbo Boma
between the big ears

9. RE: Obama To Hold Rally At JMU

I can’t wait for McCain to win so Osama, I mean Obama, can go back to working with is American hating friends. Hussain will lose.

October 25, 2008 9:32 PM

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Candid Comment and comments on the DNR website bring the crazy to light every day. Part of me thinks that these media outlets should get rid of these things to improve their image and not encourage the crazy, but part of me thinks its good to have a reminder that they’re out there.

Comment by Emmy

I really should start picking up the Saturday paper. There is to much exciting news to miss.

Comment by Draegn

And I can go to any number of Leftist sites and find some truly horrific comments directed towards McCain/Palin, Bush, and other Republicans. So, what is your point?

Comment by Anon

thanks for your comments –

so are you insinuating that the dnr ought to be a right-wing counterbalance to left-wing extremists? because i was commenting about harrisonburg’s only community newspaper, not the number of wack-job, hate blogs in this area.

in addition – do you see a difference between outright racism and political debate?

Comment by vastate

Comments on the DNR’s website really don’t indicate that the paper itself is racist, bigoted, or anything of the sort. Anybody can comment there, just as anybody can comment here. Is the editorial page conservative? Yes. But contrary to popular opinion, conservative doesn’t equal racist or hateful. Frankly, in the first two comments you selectively pulled, I’m finding it hard to see what is racist about them. Maybe I’m missing something from the first one…and the 2nd? There’s nothing there to indicate he/she is referencing race. They don’t like Obama, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has anything to do with skin color.

The 3rd comment? Yeah, I agree. But again, ignorance lies on both sides of the aisle. Calling out actual racism and hate is necessary, but constantly crying wolf, so to speak, and decrying every criticism of Obama, however stupid or nonsensical you believe the criticism to be, as RACIST or hateful serves no useful purpose other than to insulate Obama from political debate and water down what racism really is in the first place.

Comment by Anon

Its sad but not surprising, considering how many people of this type live here in the valley. They are that certain percentage of the population in which Rovian fear and smear tactics work. They are so blinded by hate and insecurity that no matter how many times a rumor has been debunked, facts been proven, or lies dispelled, they believe only what they want to believe, even if it runs counter to the health and welfare of this Country.

Comment by thevalleyprogressive

thank you, anon, for your well-stated response.

i should clarify that my specific comments today are in regard to the dnr readers who have chosen to comment on this particular article – not the dnr itself.
i also agree wholeheartedly with your comments re: conservative does not equal racist or bigoted.

i have, however, felt the need to highlight some recent, deliberate, unacceptable choices dnr editors have made regarding renaming op-ed pieces in a nod to the more ignorant, perhaps biogted, segment of their readership. (see our earlier post about the “it doesn’t matter if obama is a muslim” piece)

i am mostly interested in what is acceptable around here as political debate. and worried. and then, at the same time, impressed by those in our community – such as yourself (i think and hope) – who are attempting to separate debate and racism; encouraging the former and standing firmly against the latter.

Comment by vastate

Awwwww, you left out some of the best comments. I didn’t see any of Ken Gibbs’ ramblings and he’s one of the most hateful

Comment by RouletteRog

oops, hit the wrong button. I was saying that Ken Gibbs is one of the most hateful ones there.

Comment by RouletteRog

feel free to repost them here. the more people who know about and stand against this nonsense – liberal and conservative – the faster we create an environment and community where this hate is not tolerated.

Comment by vastate

it’s all about common ground. what can we all agree on? we all agree that racism and bigotry is not acceptable.

soon, the minute ken gibbs or anyone else posts a bunch of blather, 50 people will immediately post a resounding “unacceptable in this dialog” comment in respose.

Comment by vastate

I don’t read the DNR or their website, so I didn’t catch those op-ed pieces. Perhaps it was titled as such to be kind of tongue-in-cheek…like an editorial titled ‘So What if McCain is the Devil’. Or, they were being morons, I don’t know.

I think you’ll find the most people would reject racism as being an acceptable part of political debate, regardless of the area. Someone telling another not to vote for the Negro isn’t to be taken seriously for their political views, but their 1840’s mentality should be. The only point I was trying to make is that someone like that who doesn’t like Obama isn’t representative of others who don’t like him…trust me, the basis for the dislike is quite different, as one is based in irrational ignorance while the other on a different political philosophy. The former, strangely enough, isn’t really interested in political debate at all.

Comment by Anon

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