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– of sharp shopper sociology. by jhumphrey
Sunday, 26 October 2008, 12:13
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so, i was at a party last night and my friend was regaling me with a funny sharp shopper story.

apparently, there was some pretty fine natural acai-raspberry juice for an excellent price ($0.99 i believe).  for some reason, it was in the cheese section.  but, that’s beside the point.

so, a man, who happened to have his shirt party unbuttoned to reveal a carpet of hairy chest, told the shoppers around him that this particular juice was “very good.  very good.”

and then proceeded to saddle up to the case, and envelop about 25 of these bottles into his hairy bosum, and place them all into his cart.  he did this again and again until his entire cart was filled with hundreds of bottles – the entire pallet, in fact – of acai-raspberry juice, all with the expiration date of 10/31/08.

my friend nabbed the last two bottles.

the other shoppers in the vicinity were all overcome with a terrible desire to also fill their cart with acai-raspberry juice.  simply because this man had broken the unspoken, yet sacred, thrifty shopper rule and gorged himeself on good deals.  they felt cheated.  suddenly, everyone wanted that acai-raspberry juice.  suddenly, it was the only reason they had come to sharp shopper.

but no one made a move.  they just all stood there in the cheese section.  open-mouthed with disbelief.  muttering angrily to themselves.


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That is a GREAT (and funny) story!

Comment by Christa

sharp shopper is such a quality place – for deals and people watching…

Comment by vastate

It’s so funny though. My 86 yr old mom shops there all the time and I swear I can see her right in the middle of that!!

Comment by Christa

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