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– of camron! by vastate
Wednesday, 29 October 2008, 21:18
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we’re a little later on the uptake than hburg news, but still – in an effort to get this story as much coverage as possible, we wanted to post regarding the saga of the harrisonburg registrar (remember?) office and local obama campaign head honcho, camron gorguinpour.

in short (you can read the dnr version here, but i would suggest following hburg news instead)-camron’s voter registration was one of the stack “unfortunately” misplaced and submitted late to the city registrar  “due to human error.”

so, the local field manager for the obama campaign cannot vote for his own candidate in next week’s election.

a local judge called camron’s claim that circumstances surrounding his and other’s “late” registration paperwork deserved further investigation (as brent finnegan, jason aldrich, and others at hburg news have also been calling for since they broke the story), “almost a conspiracy story.”

super duper, judge lane.


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