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– of gemeinschaft, h’burg registrar, and obama by vastate
Thursday, 30 October 2008, 10:05
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check out this story from the dnr, which combines several of the local stories we have been covering.


key points:

– jennie amison (director of the recently shafted, gemeinschaft) got a call before obama’s h’burg rally, offering her VIP tickets.

– amison and her daughter got to meet obama.

– amison’s daughter, guess what?!, CAN’T vote in the upcoming election because of an (oops!) slip up with her voter registration.  this is what the story says:

She said on Sept. 26, her daughter went to Obama’s Harrisonburg office on North Main Street to register. On Oct. 8, two days after the registration deadline, she received a letter saying her form was rejected because it had been altered. The number nine had been written over where she had filled in her birth date.

<<<<WHAT THE HELL?!>>>>

– charity (amison’s daughter) got to tell obama her story.

– amison got to tell kaine gemeinschaft’s story.

“He said, ‘The budget is tight but I’m going to take a look at it,'” she said. “I think he took it seriously. I don’t think he brushed it off.”


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