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– of saying goodbye(to luigi’s ranch dressing)& holding tight to what we have. by vastate
Thursday, 30 October 2008, 19:43
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word on the street (and confirmed by hburg news) is that luigi’s downtown will be closing it’s doors.


like, this coming sunday soon.

first l&s, now luigis.

to be honest, i was not impressed with the menu when i went there a few weeks ago.  i concluded that the former employees took the good food with them when they ransacked the old luigi’s.  but…

makes me hope that newbies such as blue nile and clementine can hang tight.

makes me worry about long-time favorites such as indian-american.

speaking of indian-american…i’m off to order some ponir saag (that is how they spell it…) and naan.

it’s along the lines of bush telling everyone to go out and shop after 9-11, but risking the association, i’ll encourage everyone to eat out.  and choose carefully when you decide where to eat.  chili’s and red lobster will be fine…fear not.

but indian-american, clemetine, blue nile, the little grill…they all need us to stay afloat…


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So is L&S officially closed? I had heard rumors it was open, then not open, then open again.

Comment by Emmy

Oh and someone needs to get the recipe or the supplier for that ranch!

Comment by Emmy

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