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Friday, 31 October 2008, 17:29
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¿what to do on election night?

well, we got our tix today at the downtown obama office for the blue nile party–we’ll make our rounds, of course (a nice, cold delerium tremens at clementine is a must), but i can’t wait to bask in dem. victory with my hummus & ethiopian butter!  then wash it down w/ obama’s own brew of choice: pbr ($2)

and it’ll all taste sweeter if we run around town canvassing until then.


update (via swing state project)–looks like it could well be a long night.  here’s what to expect schedule wise (hope there’s plenty of hummus):


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Obama drinks PBR? Guess he’s not so much the “elitist” he’s been accused of!

Comment by Tina

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