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– of halloween bah humbugs. by jgrimsrud
Friday, 31 October 2008, 20:01
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(note: following post dripping with sarcasm).

while trick-or-treating we came upon a house.

when we saw the carefully manicured lawn, pristine paint job, and mccain/palin signs, we thought to ourselves, “well now, this is a house that knows how to party!”

imagine our surprise when we saw this posted on the door:

well, good for you, neighbors!  thanks for letting us know!  most people figure that a simple leaving-off-of-the-porch-light is a good enough strategy.  but not you.  you had the bravery to take it the next step.  really prove your point.  wow.


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Comment by Emmy

This is one of the many, many, many, many, many, many……did I mention many? reasons why so many people hat the the bible thumpin’ south. They ruin everything and want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. Once again they suck the life and joy out of being a kid. Pathetically, the more that these thumpers are against Halloween, the less likely that they actually understand the history of Halloween as a creation of the Catholic church. But of course we are not talking about people with high IQs are we?

Comment by thevalleyprogressive

Um, so what? Some people don’t get the porchlight rule, so they put a sign up. Why make a big deal about it? They don’t celebrate it…ok. Lord, the things people fet their panties in a wad over…sheesh. I’m sure they appreciated you taking a picture of their house, too.

Comment by Anon

i know that many people have a variety of religious beliefs that make halloween a celebration in which they don’t partake.
that is absolutely fine. i have no problem with that whatsoever. honestly.

i do find it sad, and maybe slightly humorous, that this home felt obligated to make some holier-than-thou statement to a bunch of little kids. the lights-off strategy seems so much more neighborly to me.

i guess, it just seems that there are so many more important things to worry about in this day and age…

Comment by vastate

A friend of mine in Harrisonburg says that in his neighborhood, the off porch light doesn’t work and his door bell gets rung all evening. So he either buys $30 worth of candy (which for some people would be a financial hardship) or he leaves for the evening.

I think this sign is like many things … we can read into it what we want to & see what we want to. For all we know, this household is experiencing a serious illness. We don’t know why these people worded their sign the way they did of if they’re even aware of how it came across. And we certainly don’t know what their IQ is.

Comment by Deona Landes Houff

I don’t see anything ‘holier than thou’ in their sign. They’re just letting people know…they didn’t quote bible verses or anything. But, I agree on one thing…there are much more important things to worry about; this sign and whether or not this family hands out candy on Halloween ain’t one of them.

Comment by Anon

point taken. i’ll move on to more important things!

Comment by vastate

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