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– of latinos for obama. by vastate
Friday, 31 October 2008, 17:12
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so.  just back from an afternoon of canvassing.

we were out at chesnut ridge drive.

75% of the people we talked to were monolingual spanish speakers.

good thing we both speak passable spanish.

i had to go back to the obama headquarters to ask for a special spanish-language info sheet, because everything we had was only in english.  i was surprised they had no other literature in spanish – isn’t the hispanic population in harrisonburg HUGE?  they printed off a (really good) form from the website and made a few copies.

we ran out oh so fast.

you know how supersaturated you feel right now? how many people have talked to you about obama, about the election, about voting, about registering to vote?  how many leaflets and pamphlets have to tossed into an ever-growing pile by your door?

i don’t think that ANYONE had talked personally with any of these folks whose doors we knocked on this afternoon.  they were so happy to hear that they were registered, find out where they would be voting, get a ride to the polls.

a few had seen some tv ads like the one below in order to form their positive opinions of obama. but they hadn’t talked to anyone from the campaign.

one old woman from puerto rico invited us inside and told us how hard it is to vote in the u.s.-proper.  (although she LOVES obama and now, thanks to the campaign headquarters, has a ride next tuesday to cast her vote)  she said that in puerto rico, election day is an official holiday.  you never have to worry about a ride.  it’s like a big party all day long.  with singing. and food. and friends.

another woman, holding her baby, told us as our children played together for a moment, in spanish,  “all hispanics love obama SO much.  he cares about us.  even the ones that don’t have papers.  he cares about our children.  he knows we work hard.  i only hope with everything i have that he wins.”

i was uncertain about canvassing.  johan had to be forced to go.

we both walked away feeling elated.  hopeful, in fact – to sound cliched.


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