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Friday, 31 October 2008, 11:37
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so, i was hanging out at downtown wine and gourmet last night, (the happening place to be on a thursday night) and a nice guy named martin (he may have made your latte at the dodger at some point) stopped by on his way to play practice to give us all the heads up on The Playhouse’s (harrisonburg’s community theater) new comedy opening up on November 11.

it’s called “almost maine.”  (here is the nytimes review of another production, and the official website)

this is the blurb:

On a cold, clear, moonless Friday night in deepest Winter, the Northern Lights hover over the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine.  All is not quite what it seems as the residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected, unusual, and often hilarious ways.  An enchanting midwinter night’s dream, ALMOST, MAINE inventively explores the mysteries of the human heart, touching audiences with laughter, heartbreak, and hope.  Written by John Cariani.

according to a little leaflet i picked up, if you show up at court square theater at 6:30pm on Nov. 11, and pay $25 (or $20 if you are already a court square member harrisonburg downtown renaissance member – as this is a fundraiser for them) {thanks for the clarification, tina!}, you can enjoy “an evening of wine, art, desserts, and drama.”  wine and desserts donated by downtown wine and gourmet. call 540-432-8922 for reservations.  i think the ticket cost goes down closer to $10 for subsequent, not-opening-night, shows.

sounds good to me.

funny that martin stopped by with his little blue, tattered play book.  i was thinking about the state of local theater a lot yesterday after reading this great article, “Ten Things Theaters Need To Do Right Now to Save Themselves” from brenden kiley at the stranger.  a few of the points:

1. Enough with the goddamned Shakespeare already.

3. Produce dirty, fast, and often.

5. Offer child care.

7. Build bars.

9. Expect poverty.

10. Drop out of graduate school.

long live the theater!


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We love hosting The Playhouse at Court Square Theater! Just to clarify, the event on the 11th is a fundraiser for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance (so that $5 discount on tickets is for THEIR members). You’re right, Wednesday-Saturday the tickets are only $10.

Long live local theater!

Comment by Tina

The opening night of Almost Maine is a fundraiser for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance with desserts donated by local restaurants and wine from Downtown Wine & Gourmet. Come out for a good time and to support a good cause!

Comment by downtownhburg

thanks tina and downtownhburg! see clarifications above…

Comment by vastate

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