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– of gemeinschaft & walmart. today & tomorrow. by vastate
Saturday, 1 November 2008, 15:01
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(above photos from the dnr & gemeinschaft website)

moving on to more important things:

from the comments section of hburg news (thanks again, guys…):

Comment from Joey Groah
Time: November 1, 2008, 12:48 pm

Staffers, volunteers and residents of Gemeinschaft are in front of the Harrisonburg Crossings Wal-Mart today and tomorrow getting signatures and answering questions about Gemeinschaft Home, if you’re out and about. There’s a fundraising initiative with the local Pizza Hut as well.

go gemeinschaft!

in case you forgot, or are new to the blog and don’t know about gemeinschaft, here’s the blurb:

Gemeinschaft Home opened in September of 1986 and provides community-oriented programs and supervision for individuals in transition from prison to free society.

and here are a few other things they have planned as fundraising to prevent their demise come january due to VA budget cuts:

October 29, Walk to Court Square
Beginning at 10 am at Gemeinschaft Home, we will walk downtown to Court Square and have a rally at 12pm.

Nov 1-2, Fundraiser at Walmart
Our residents will be at Wal-mart (Burgess Rd.) to sell candy, take donations, and pass out flyers all day.

November 5, 6-8pm, Community Meeting
Community meeting at Park View Mennonite Church Sanctuary to let the community know what we are doing to save our program and what you can do to help

November 11, 4-9pm, Fundraiser at Harrisonburg Pizza Hut

  • Gemeinschaft will receive 20% of the profits made from 12-10 pm.
  • From 4-9 pm we will be waiting tables and will receive all tips during those hours.
  • You must have a flyer in order for it to count towards Gemeinschaft.

November 12, 4-9pm, Fundraiser at Elkton Pizza Hut

  • The profits and times are the same as the Harrisonburg fundraiser.

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