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Saturday, 1 November 2008, 13:20
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anyone out there preggersnursingparenting?  interested in birth issues?

there is a lovely group that meets once a month (usually on the second Tuesdays) at melaine copeland’s house (right next door to the little grill – 661 n. main st. call melaine at 540-433-7738 for more info).  the next meeting is all about breastfeeding.  it’s on november 18th from 7-9pm.

{note: this section added 11/11/08 for corrections} i wrote to melaine to confirm that i had the details right about Birth Matters goings-on…and i got some things wrong.  so sorry!  i should research better before i write… so, here is, in her words, a clarification:

Birth Matters Harrisonburg hosts two different gatherings  each month.  One is the Birth Circle, which is at my house, every second Monday (last night), 7-9 and is really just for women (babies welcome of course and even the occasional toddler).  The other is the Birth Matters Educational Series, 7-9 every 4th Tuesday <except this month, it falls too close to Thanksgiving, so we have bumped it up a week – a week from today, the 18th> and this is the gathering that is open to anyone.  The location of this gathering has varied this year and is as yet undetermined for November.  And we take December off for BMES, but not BC.

at this group (a birth matters virginia birth circle), women and babies get together to share birth stories, ask birth questions, discuss, eat snacks, drink tea, and learn.

thanks to susan darcy photography

many are interested in out-of-hospital birth, but not everyone.  many have kids already, but not everyone.  many know a lot about pregnancy & childbirth, but not everyone.

so you should come.

there is a lot to do in our community, state, and country when it comes to improving maternity care.  maybe you read the recent nytimes article that told us again that,

Infant mortality has long been considered one of the most important indicators of the health of a nation and the quality of its medical system.

and that,

“Infant mortality and our comparison with the rest of the world continue to be an embarrassment to the United States,”

and that,

“We’re spending twice what other countries do,”…“and we’re falling further and further behind them in important measures like infant mortality.”

sounds like we need to put our heads together as a community to come up with a better plan.  we owe it to our mamas and our babes. (and this is coming from a labor&delivery nurse who works at a very lovely hospital but chose to have her baby in a freestanding birth center.)

so, see you at birth circle or the educational series?  let’s get to work!


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