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-of johnny cash & hburg basements by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 2 November 2008, 12:58
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when the old club sandwich (a house on s. high st.) hosted an all-star lineup of american bands to their dank basement the night after halloween, ¡the state was there! with a silver flask of whiskey and a low-rez, cell phone camera.

¿foghorn leghorn?s

¿foghorn leghorn?

the new york dolls made for good yard music, but i can’t attest to the set in person.  we made it inside for johnny hash & tho the guitar was a bit low, i was quite impressed w/ the carl perkins-channeling licks.  the drummer played some harmonica-harness and rotated hats (he went mexicali for “ring of fire”:& the crowd sang the horn lines), “johnny” sported a strange, black wig, and the band went out in style w/ cocaine blues. (i was a little uncomfortable w/ the racy subject matter, what w/ the drugs and murder, but the final lines reassured me of the upstanding moral of the story:

Come all you hypes and listen unto me,
Just lay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be.


then credence clearwater revival hit the (concrete basement) stage & played the hits.  not bad–“fortunate son” had the crowd banging on the rafters.

i have to say, ’70s americana rock sounds a lot better with a jumping basement crowd.  you could hear the punk rock diction coming through the vocalists’ impressions of johnny cash, john fogerdy, & david johansen, the neighbors were admirably tolerant (no cop calls), and the costumes could’ve shamed any halloween bah-humbug.

a friend of ours in seattle talked about his tours w/ the assailant.  these guys travelled a ton all around the u.s. and europe, and harrisonburg was one of their favorite tour stops.  the kids were great, as was the music.  ¡hope we all realize what great thing that is!

the assailant, on another basement stage

so, buy local eggs, go to the theater, support local music, etc., etc.


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I’m pissed that I didn’t stay more than an hour or so, nice review though.

Comment by David Miller

I agree… support local music and support local places that support music!

Not as “indie” as a basement show, but Clementine’s has some good stuff coming up: Yarn (alt-country) on Saturday and John Jorgenson (gypsy jazz) on Sunday.

Comment by Tina

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