the state

– of dancing in the streets. by vastate
Wednesday, 5 November 2008, 13:06
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this is how i feel.  watch it and dance along:

it’s almost as good as camron’s, “ARE YOU FIRED UP?!? ARE YOU READY TO GO!?!” speech at the blue nile last night.  maybe it was the vodka martinis speaking, but it was exciting.

my voice is shot.  the screaming and hollaring and whooping was prolific.  it was without reservation.

our neighbor, cleo, was there with us.  you might recognize her:

Harrisonburg Obama Rally

she said that in the past week, she’s gotten many phone calls from people around the country just calling to say how much that photo meant to them.  (perfect photo, by the way – congrats, pete marovich from the dnr)  there are blog posts all around talking about cleo.

if only they actually knew her.  then they might write a book.  she’s pretty excellent.

she was also really happy about the vodka martinis that everyone bought her.  she said she ate 18 olives last night.

harrisonburg, i was oh so happy to be with you last night.  well done, fair city!


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