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– of namedropping. & the future. by vastate
Friday, 7 November 2008, 12:15
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we got namedropped.

by hburg new’s brent finnegan.


in his semi-farewell post.  (sigh.)

we feel sad not to have him as our go-to-guy for local news anymore, but we feel happy and ready to work with other local blogs (including hburg news, as it continues in the post-brent era) to compliment and contradict other area news sources (cough.)   here is what he says:

But even if it dies out eventually, I’m encouraged by some of the other local blogs I’ve seen spring up lately, such as The Valley Observer, the state and Blue Ridge Data, as well as political blogs I respectfully disagree with, like Virginia Conservative. In one form or another, I believe citizen journalism will flourish in the vacuum created by such a small local media market.

now, about the future…

in fact, we’ve been working on a bit of shameless self-promotion in an effort to grow this blog.   we’re really pleased with the response it has gotten so far.  so we’re on to tackling more ideas.

-i fired off an email to jmu’s “the breeze” to encourage them to do a piece on the role of local bloggers in local news, style, politics, and music.  i humbly offered an interview, of course.


-we’re working on some exciting collaboration with local restaurants.  (read: we get to go sample lovely local fare and then write about it.  yum.)


who’s who hburg spots. don’t you wonder what your barista or waiter does besides making your lattes and serving up your hummus with ethiopian butter?  or what local officials think of the little grill.  or what regular people think is needed in the way of food, music, and community here in our little city?


underground musician interviews.  those basement bands are up to a lot.  and they have loads of ideas about politics, art, and people.  we want to hear it.


and what else?  any ideas, lovely readers?


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If you need any help with reviewing Staunton Grocery, I volunteer my tastebuds… 🙂

Comment by Josh

Other local events? I like the who’s who idea. (Great blog, by the way.)

Comment by wellmet

If you need any help with reviewing Staunton Grocery, I volunteer my tastebuds…

Seriously!! Who was it that introduced you to the place, anyhow? 🙂

Comment by David Troyer

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