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– of crusty french bread. by vastate
Monday, 10 November 2008, 16:38
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sigh.  i really want a baguette right now.


the kind you simply cannot make in your home oven.  even if you carefully spritz water at the exact right moment to make steam, wishing for that crusty exterior.

i used to buy from the bread peddler in olympia.  andre the baker was my hero.

shank’s bakery downtown is lovely.  really it is.  they make a great, soft, american loaf.  and a mean latte.

but it’s not the same.

luckily for us, there are some fantastic local people, restuaranteurs to be precise, who have big plans.  and the state has been chatting them up.

stay tuned, friends…


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Hi you’all — BRD loves homemade bread, anyway he can get it, when my dear wife is in the mood, usually involves a cold fall/winter day around the holidays. This post has inspired me to drop some hints.

Be sure to check out Newtown Bakery on west side of Staunton. Great variety of bake goods — love their bread varieties.

lastly… enjoy your blog.. glad your in our neighborhood

lots to be thankful this November!

Comment by Riley

hi there! we enjoy your blog, as well. (everybody, check out blue ridge data…)
will certainly have to run by newton bakery – sounds promising – thanks for the tip!

Comment by vastate

[…] dreams of bakeries. (remember when i was dreaming […]

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