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– of oppression (is bad). by vastate
Monday, 10 November 2008, 13:06
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first, a great paragraph from pete cenedella:

Let me respond simply: THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. Remember the desultory arguments between Jews and blacks about which was worse, the Holocaust or Slavery? Please. This just in: Oppression is bad. And the point I want Barack Obama to make is this: in America, the story of progress is the story of more and more people coming under the full shelter of the increasingly big tent that is the Constitution. A wealthy gay couple doesn’t have to have the scars of a sharecropper to deserve civil rights. And an African American who voted for Prop 8 does not now deserve to have N-bombs rained down on him by frustrated gay activists. Civil rights is not a zero sum game. The struggle for civil rights is universal.

& here’s an image from one of the proposition 8 protests in CA:


now, i don’t care about giving “equal time” in this case, but is this for real?:

i just thought we had moved beyond this:


we’ve read a lot about prop 8, but it’s really not about the details–it’s actually quite simple:


i’m shocked that 51% of californians would have dared risk the chance that in fifty years, people will lump them into the same group as the bigoted folks from little rock in the photo above.

in world history, people have collectively thought it appropriate to oppress certain groups of people again and again.  then, we come back to it years later and shake our heads in shame.  when have we ever looked on one of these historical acts of bigotry with pride and admiration?  seriously?!

so, why would we attempt it again?  seems pretty comical.  in a really messed up sort of way.

again.  really.  it’s simple.  OPPRESSION IS BAD.


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Hey, thanks for picking up that part of my post. You certainly got my point! Check my Huff Post page, I have a couple other posts of relevance on the subject, including today’s.

Comment by Pete Cenedella

[…] cenedella commented on our recent post on prop. 8, and was kind enough to direct us to his page on the huffington post, with a story he posted today […]

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we decided to write another cenedella-inspired piece here:

check it out.

Comment by vastate

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