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– of reading a book. by vastate
Monday, 10 November 2008, 13:39
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my friend, andrew, (of local news fame – i just wanted to name-drop) reads good books.

he told me to read this book:


and it was great.  i struggle between wanting to read both books that are important and educational and overly-dramatic murder mysteries featuring dashing protagonist alex delaware.

this book fulfills my first desire without leaving me wishing i was instead follwing alex down a dark LA alleyway.

the author goes around the world talking with people who speak and care about preserving endangered languages.  it’s a good read – not just a dry commentary.

i would let you borrow it, except that it is currently in france with another friend who needed something to read on the airplane.  (i don’t think i told you yet, andrew.)

right now, i’m starting on another recommended-by-andrew book:


posthumous book reading is always interesting and sad.  as is posthumous music listening (consider elliot smith, kurt cobain, nick drake, or jeff buckley).

elliott-smith-an02kurtcobainnickdrake +  jeffbuckley

so far, this reading experience is bittersweet.  i’ll keep you posted.


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I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying DFW. I will not be glad if that book ends up on another continent, though…
Another must-read: Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez

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