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Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 12:58
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sports writer david zirin has a column about the recent brandon marshall incident as the denver broncos fought to beat the browns the other night.  brandon was checked by two teammates before pulling out a black and white glove–he was going to raise it up after he caught a touchdown pass: “I wanted to create that symbol of unity because Obama inspires me, our multi-cultured society.”  a la tommie smith and john carlos at the ’68 olympics.  as zirin says:

There is no question that Marshall was taking a risk. There’s no question he could have cost his team the game… [but] some things are actually more important than sports.

by the way, tommie smith talked about the famous race and protest on democracy now! last year.

by the way.2, tommie smith and usain bolt evidently exchanged shoes after usain’s record-breaking olympics.  both men knew how to finish in style:

–and i think all these guys have known on some level, to rephrase zirin, that some things are more powerful than the rules.


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by the way.3, if, like me, thinking about usain bolt makes you want to watch his amazing 100m race (and 200m), i found the videos here and here. i saw the 100m race completely by accident at a hotel in little rock, arkansas. wow.

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