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Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 12:14
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…drink this up: … a refreshing wine blog that I was introduced to via a friend’s recommendation (cheers Brent).

Whether it is in a wine shop or restaurant, the notion of buying wine can be intimidating.

Many of us have taken on the responsibility to purchase this seemingly simple beverage only to feel as though we have entered a retail universe that parallels the record store in High Fidelity.  All staff eyes are upon you, and regardless of what you place on the counter in the end, the employees will actually laugh in your face (possibly even point and laugh).

However, here is a critic who recognizes the notion of true taste.  He is not influenced by advertisers who pay for his magazine, and he is not inclined to give a 90 point rating to maintain their cash flow.  He encourages us to broaden our palate in order to achieve the goal of trusting our palate.

Wine is indeed like music – the more that you experience, the more standards that you can draw upon to measure something new and decide whether you like it or not – decide for yourself.  So head down to your local wine shop’s tasting (my favorite destination is Downtown Wine & Gourmet – which hosts a tasting from 5 to 7 every Friday – and even has a staff which seems to evade pretense!) and decide whether you like it or not.

Alas…Bacchus speaks…


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This is my favorite episode.

If you watch no other episode on WLTV, watch that one.

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