the state

– of josiah & jeff & justin. by vastate
Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 11:42
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music for a cold virginia day.

josiah early!


photo from artist's myspace page; credit to rachel barrett

he’s one of a couple of singer-types that we think you all should check out today.

we thought josiah was an actor, and then, one day, we discovered that our old buddy is now a musician – singing happily in new york about living in the valley.

his music is sweet and measured.

and although we don’t remember his virginia drawl from back in the day…we think it works well for this gig.  incidently, we have also always thought that he looks so much like jeff buckley:


along the same lines, there is justin jones.

so, in full disclosure, we know both of these folks and they know each other.  although we haven’t talked to them in awhile.

now he plays with these people:


and tends bar at this place:


again, folky and rootsy and real-life.

so take a wednesday listen to these locally grown boys.


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