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Sunday, 16 November 2008, 18:13
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i’ve been a busy night-shift worker this weekend, so it’s been light on the posts.

fear not.

this is what we have cooking:

-a review of the new play down at the courthouse theater, almost maine.  jpremmus was there this afternoon.  remember, we were really excited.


– a review of the cinnamon band show from a couple of days ago.  djressler was there, and the word on the street is that she was taking notes for the blog.


– a new series:  “we love you, but…”  or  “loving bitch slaps from the state.”  or ” we want to love you, but you’ve got to get yourself together.”   there are several local establishments or organizations or businesses that are, in theory, absolutely excellent, but, in practice, unbelievably frustrating.

we will be posting our gentle suggestions for improvement.


– a continuation of our “what does harrisonburg need?” townie-to-townie series.  we’ve zero’d in on employees and management of both the blue nile and the little grill.


it’s in the works, folks.


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