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-of house shows by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 23 November 2008, 18:37
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we at the state appreciated a treat of a show at rolston house last night…

¿the rolston house?

though by the time we arrived it looked more like:

ok, the sad truth of it is, the state didn’t leave w/ a good photo.  there was a cozy interior:

mood lighting and an outdoor fire:

but seriously, there were great sets by the wolf gang, mild winter, josh yoder’s old band, and nathan-of-shapiro’s side project.

now, i admit this is a pretty scattered “review,” but i wanted to mention a fun event (lots of people supporting local music, no grumpy neighbors or cops…)–

i also wanted to point out just how little up-to-date info is being disseminated online about local musical goings-on.  a ton of folks turned out for last night’s show, but an inclusive, sustainable scene needs avenues of commucation beyond word of mouth (a slippery slope to cliques and other annoying social dynamics).

anyway, we’ll try to do our part, and you can check out the real, local, approachable rolsten house here.

and, word of the mouth is that johnny cash is playing tonight w/ a ranchero band at some kind of immigrant solidarity event.  wish i was up for another show…  maybe someone else can tell us how it went.


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