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– of drug wars. by vastate
Thursday, 27 November 2008, 20:48
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my post about guatemala got me thinking north.  to mexico.

this nov. 13 article from rolling stone was startling.  as were the images.


"I'm a cop-cowboy!" the note reads. "Ahoo-ya! There are going to be more soon!"

and this seems to be the typical story:

Mexico: Seven Bodies Found in Juárez

Published: November 26, 2008

Seven bodies were dumped before dawn Tuesday at a school soccer field in the Mexican border city of Juárez. Neighbors found them along a fence, with three banners allegedly signed by a Mexican drug gang. Officials did not provide details about the messages. The local prosecutor’s office said they had no suspects and were still trying to identify the victims.

i had some serious ethical questions regarding the intent and tactics of rolling stone reporter guy lawson, but that didn’t negate the intense impact of his story. in short, he writes about unsuccessfully trying to meet and interview a top mexican narco.  this guy:


he sums up the whole mexico/united states/drug situation like this:

In the United States, the War on Drugs is a political slogan for a policy disaster that has cost taxpayers at least $500 billion over the past 35 years. In Mexico, it is a brutal and bewildering conflict — a multisided civil war that has taken 3,000 lives this year alone and brought the federal government to a state of near-collapse. Narcotics are now one of the largest sectors of the Mexican economy, twice the size of tourism. Most of the country’s drug trade involves transporting contraband from other sources — especially cocaine from Colombia — to satisfy the nearly insatiable demand in the U.S. But Mexico’s narcotraficante cartels have also gotten into the production side of the industry, manufacturing 80 percent of the crystal meth sold in America, 14 percent of the heroin and most of the marijuana. What Mexico offers the global narcotics industry is proximity to the largest market on earth.

it’s a mess.

i don’t know what else to say.

do you?


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