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– of iceland in the winter. by vastate
Thursday, 27 November 2008, 21:16
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i’m seriously trying to figure out a way to take advantage of the dire state of iceland’s economy.


check out iceland air’s site.


they are featuring such cheap excellence as…

Unity Fares: As a way of saying “Thank You” and acknowledging the unity with Scandinavia, we’re now offering visitors to the countries of Scandinavia a special offer across the board with our Unity Fares!

we’re talking $399 round trip, people.  to iceland, sweden, norway, & denmark.  from jfk or boston.

they are practically begging us to come enjoy their geothermal pools:

No one country has felt the effects of the current global economic environment more than Iceland. The difficult situation has been a noticeable benefit for visitors, but a struggle for the neighboring Scandinavian nation in search of financial relief.


in fact.  you and a buddy can enjoy a “winter wellness getaway to iceland”:

It’s time to slow down and get back into balance.  Revive yourself with a visit to Reykjavik, with its clean and crisp air, geothermal pools and dynamic people. Relax and recharge your body and soul and at the same time allow yourself to enjoy the spectacular nature Iceland has to offer.  Stay at the Hotel Loftleidir, which offers access to an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna. The Loftleidir is also the only hotel in Iceland offering traditional Chinese foot massages.  Guests of the hotel receive 10% discount off of the treatments.

for $699…! wtf?

or, if the above is a little steep, try a “winter budget getaway” for $479:

That’s right!  The Iceland Budget Getaway is now on sale for travel through March 2009!  This great package includes round trip airfare from either Boston or New York-JFK, 2 nights hotel at either the FossHotel Lind or FossHotel Baron and Scandinavian breakfast each morning after arrival day.

so.  i’m sold.

i want to stay here:


unfortunately, but not really important:

Winter months feature endless days and nights of darkness. Some days see only three or four hours of sunlight in December and January.

hey.  whatever.  i have actually been to Reykjavik for about 6 hours on a layover to europe.  i always wanted to go back.

my desire is only encouraged by two things:

1.) i like sigur ros a lot.  their documentary, featuring a series of non-traditional concerts in the far-reaches of iceland,  was unbelievable.

2.) Opposite of most of the world, Iceland lists its residents’ phone numbers by their first name. In addition to the name and phone number it also lists address and occupation.


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I’m with you. I’ve been wanting to get to Iceland for years. Now seems like a good time to go.

Comment by Brent Finnegan

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