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– of street art. by vastate
Thursday, 27 November 2008, 20:21
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our friend, matt, has this blog. it’s mainly about art and revolution and ideas.  the images are great.  here’s one (from here) that i found particularly excellent:


“A revolution without art, is like trying to change the system with money, power, violence and greed.”

it’s from the university of san carlos of guatemala in guatemala city.  there are generations of protest art on the walls and sidewalks and buildings of this campus.  the one above is new.  apparently, it showed up during last month’s americas social forum guatemala.

this place has always been a hotbed of art and revolution in a city always in need of some protest or demonstration.  here’s an older, worker’s rights mural on it’s walls:


there is a book with more street art you all should look at:


and check in on guatemala every once and awhile.  it struggles.  and usually, nobody pays much attention.  you may have to look hard.  maybe matt can tell us how exactly to keep up to date on this country.  updates are few and far between in these parts.


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