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– of buying nothing. by vastate
Friday, 28 November 2008, 17:51
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a bit late for north america, but are you a “black friday” person, or a “buy nothing” type?


we’re supporting and participating in the latter.

Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind. Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself – at least for a single day.

read more here and here.

the coolest “buy nothing day” experience i ever had was in eugene, oregon.  we were wandering around the 5th street market, trying to buy something.   we went into this little cafe called “out of the fog“, near the train tracks.  we were hungry.  we tried to buy some soup.  they would not let us.  instead, they gave us, and everyone else, free soup and bread so we wouldn’t have to buy anything.  it was pretty amazing.

instead of shopping, consider watching this:



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i love that they used walt disney font…

Comment by gala

cheeky, no?

Comment by vastate

Of course I support anti-conspicuous-consumeristic stuff!! But I do have one caveat… If we vowed throughout the whole year to shop local, independently-owned, fair trade, and do-it-yourself, we could create a serious challenge to the big-box thievery of our world! To shop local and non-corporate for even one day would make a difference. To abstain from big-box, corporate buying for one little day DOESN’T challenge the system nearly enough. Not nearly enough!
p.s. I do love Rev.Billy, though. And can’t wait to see the movie.

Comment by Kathleen Temple

good point, kathleen! everyone should check out our local sources for fair trade goods: artisan’s hope, of course, laughing dog downtown has some lovely bags and such, and…where else do you all find local, non-corporate, fair trade excellence here in our fair town? hmmmm….i feel a new post coming…

Comment by vastate

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