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-of music in 2008 by jgrimsrud
Monday, 1 December 2008, 15:19
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it’s december today, which reminds me, together w/ last month’s rolling stone & it’s list of the top 100 vocalists ¡ever!, that it’s the time of year for making lists.
now, authoritative lists often annoy me, and the end-of-year music listing process can get both overwhelming and shallow (see kexp’s lists by seemingly every staffer; ¡my god!). it can be hard to wade through the volume of artists and releases, & the (usually) limited focus on releases-from-this-calendar-year also elevates mediocre works & reinforces the popular music consumer’s attention deficit.

so, of course i want to publish my own list.

my plan is to (in the nature of blogger exhibitionism) come up w/ my top albums to listen to this year. i’ll include the most exciting new releases i’ve been hearing, but also some of the other releases i just finally came around to, or even rediscovered this year. and, i don’t want to list 1 to 10 in set hierarchy; maybe i’ll name a “top 5” set, a “second 5” set, etc., but in no particular individual order.

anyway, it’s serious business, of course, so allow me to work it out on my end.  then look for my personal list in the next days, & consider this an invitation declare “the state of music in 2008” from your point of view.

here’s a start:

¿album of the year?

¿album of the year?


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