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– of friendly city food co-op? by vastate
Tuesday, 9 December 2008, 21:44
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i thought this recent rocktown weekly article was interesting:

Friendly City Food Co-op’s fingers crossed for ’09 opening


i’ve been wondering and wondering.  and hoping and hoping.

the word on the street is still very vague.

we want details, folks!  we’re excited!  we want so much to have our very own food co-op!

confession time.

i admit to holding out on becoming a member household as the details and timeline seem to become foggier and longer as time passes.  not something i’m terribly proud of…but the truth.  not really a conscious decision on my part – because i want to join.  really.  and i feel really bad that i haven’t yet.

it just becomes easy to forget, or put off, or not commit when nothing new seems to be happening.  the above article did little to provide any motivation.

anyone have details or news or encouragement?

maybe it you can convince me, we can convince a few others to jump in the game as well…and get this thing going.  i’m suffering from co-op withdrawal.

i miss my olympia food co-op.


and most of all, madison market.


and, PCC, of course.




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