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– of our christmas tree. by vastate
Tuesday, 9 December 2008, 21:02
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we wanted a living christmas tree.

we saw an add in rocktown weekly for greenthumb nursery.

and promptly spent a long time driving up and down
and up and down
and up and down
Rt. 11 North.

finally, we found an old, hidden billboard off to the side.  peeling, faded paint saying that greenthumb was indeed somewhere close.

we wandered around a long driveway, feeling conspicuous, until we were rescued from turning around and leaving by donna newberry, one of the owners.

we walked away with a lovely, plump norway spruce.


donna dragged it with gusto down to our car and helped load it into our ever-amazingly expanding honda fit.


i felt like a weak little girl next to her.

the price tag was a bit steep if you are comparing to your run-of-the-mill, throw-out-on-the-curb-when-the-needles-start-falling off, cut christmas tree.  we paid $89.25 for this little tree.

but, it will go out into our currently bare back yard.  and grow.

this is seriously a norway spruce.  gulp.

this is seriously a norway spruce. gulp.

we picked up some lovely, fair-trade decorations at artisan’s hope:


and we bought some LED christmas lights at big lots:


and we are going to make some of these old-school tree favorites:


fun times await.


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