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– of la gran d by vastate
Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 15:17
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sweet.  i seriously love this radio station.


here’s the  blurb:

La música de La Gran D es optimista, energética y con pocas interrupciones de los locutores.
La Gran D representa una gran plataforma para el alcance comercial en el segmento de gran crecimiento en el mercado Hispano, así como para introducir tendencias de la música y nuevos artistas.

new from VerStandig broadcasting.  which, i guess, is some corporate radio conglomerate for the valley.

too bad we don’t have a lovely, community-run radio station. (i have baggage, can you tell?  myself, my husband, and a group of our friends – who are now all upstanding citizens – once took over WEMC for one beautiful summer in between official managers.  it was a summer of fun.  a summer of democracy now twice a day.  of borderline folk music.  of analog-patching live music from shows at the little grill.  good times were had by all.  we also continued such favorites as mostly mennonite, mostly acapello and friday night jukebox.  it was a community effort.  alas.)


but, at least VerStandig is acknowledging what an amazing spanish-speaking community we have here in our fair town.

baby steps, folks.  baby steps.

(thanks to hburg news for the heads up.)


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