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– of missing photo booths. by vastate
Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 23:43
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okay, folks.  we need help.  it has been a family tradition to have photo booth photos taken every so often.

like these people, (they aren’t us):


the way normal people have studio sessions.  like these people:


we formally document our little family every few months in the closeness and cheapness of a tiny photo booth.


i can’t find one here!


we went to the mall in charlottesville (and this was big time for us, we were rejected from selling clothes at the newly opened plato’s closet because “what we’re really looking for are cool items, 6-18 months old, from the mall.”  johan told the guy that we hadn’t been in a mall in the past 6-18 months…), desperate for a photo booth.  and found one.  sort of.

digital isn’t all that.  that’s all i’ll say.

what i want is the old school, polaroid-style, wait-for-15-minutes-for-your-little-still-wet-photo-strip-to-come-out-of-the-dispenser.  like this:


any leads, friends?


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I just saw one today at the Andy Warhol museum. It is on the basement floor by the restrooms. You should visit.

Comment by David Troyer

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