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– of winter bikes. by vastate
Thursday, 11 December 2008, 21:53
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look at this cool bike person from denmark:


click for copenhagen cycle chic

wouldn’t it be lovely if one (read: me) wasn’t scared of being injured (read: killed) while bike riding around harrisonburg?

i see other people putting their children in nifty little bike trailers.  my child would LOVE one of those.


i know people bike around this little city.  but i’m scared.

the roads are all weird.  no one ever stops for pedestrians on zebra crossings.  and a sissy bike rider like me has little in the way of life-saving sidewalks in case of an emergency.


yet.  i was downtown a few weeks ago and saw a huge group of happy, costumed-sort-of, bicyclists.  i was at a party shortly thereafter and announced with a question mark that i had seen “some sort of critical mass downtown.”  i was promptly laughed at and encouraged to join the next alleycat event.

here are some neat nyc alleycats cyclists mid-race

here are some neat nyc alleycats cyclists mid-race

i pretended to know what an alleycat event was.  i’m from seattle, after-all.  but, i didn’t.  and was forced to ask a friend in hushed tones to clarify.

i still haven’t joined in one of these things.  i’m not yet cool enough.  or confident enough.  nor do i own a bike.  yet.

but, i think it is great.  and i want to know more.  and i want others to know about it.  because, not only is it a fun thing to do.  it is a step towards making biking easier, better, and more normal.

because normalcy is what it’s all about.  like that gal in denmark.  it’s obviously less normal for her to jump in a car to go to work or the store.  even in the whiteout above.  read more here.  it’s all about being a cyclist in denmark.

joanna, from a cup of jo, has this to say on the subject:

Here’s why Denmark is awesome: Denmark has topped the World’s Happiest People surveys for the past 20 years. They buy more candles than any other nation. Eighty percent of Copenhagen’s cyclists continue to ride through the Copenhagen winter. Rad all around.

i heard somewhere that icelandair has good deals to denmark…

here are some more random snow cyclists. and associated links.  may we be so inspired:


click for npr story on homer, alaska snow bikes.

click for many tips at icebike

click for many tips at icebike

click for a blog that just happens to have photos of snow cycling.

click for a blog that just happens to have photos of snow cycling.


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One of my favorite websites:

Comment by David T

yes! it’s fantastic. if you click on the first photo, that’s where it will lead you…

Comment by vastate

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