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-of the dirty three by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 14 December 2008, 15:22
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so, i’ll be bringing them up every way but directly in my best of ’08 list (the three guys, mic turner, jim white, and warren ellis appeared recently & variously on:

nick cave & the bad seeds’ dig!!! lazarus, dig!!!


mick turner & the tren brothers’ blue trees

the rogue’s gallery

cat power’s jukebox

pj harvey’s white chalk

bonnie prince billy’s letting go

etc., etc.)

so lest we forget (or if you didn’t know!) this is why the dirty three were so great in 1994:

and still are:

amazing stuff, and that’s with warren ellis usually (technically) just playing the violin:

when w/ the bad seeds, he breaks out the really weird instrumental objects:


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[…] i fell in love with “new health rock” back in 2004, obsessed on desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes, and lost a little interest with return to cookie mountain. dear science hit me immediately as both a return to clarity and a new direction, and with their raw rhythms, schitzo falsettos, and even horns (¡feat antibalas!).  catchy is good. […]

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