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– of the department of food. by vastate
Friday, 19 December 2008, 15:48
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michael pollen said we should ditch the department of agriculture and go with the simplified, department of food.


doesn’t look like obama noticed…

blech.  is what i have to say about the secretary of ag. (heh.) appointee.


corn. corn. and more corn.  is what we’re in for.


listen to michael pollan’s response to the appointment on npr.  here’s a blurb:

“I was very disappointed in that news conference,” he said, “not to hear Vilsack use the word ‘food’ — or ‘eaters.’ And the interests of everybody except eaters was discussed: farmers, ranchers, people concerned about the land.”

And so, he said, it’s difficult not to see Vilsack’s selection as “agribusiness as usual.

or read the response on the daily kos.

i read somewhere that obama’s cabinet is a “middle-of-the roader’s dream”.

dude.  why does he think he got elected?

because we all though that we wouldn’t have to listen to rick warren’s worthless drabble at obama’s inaguration…


excuse me.  i’m feeling a little down.

can anyone cheer me up?



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I was not a very strong Obama supporter prior to the election, and a critic shortly thereafter.

I’m not impressed. I said I would never sign up with MoveOn, but I finally did about a month ago.

Comment by Brent Finnegan

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